Properties using the Choice Advantage property management system need to email the in house report to Ivy to mass check-in guests into Ivy. 

A reminder email will be scheduled and staff can simply reply to the email with report attached by following the directions below. Staff can send in reports by replying to this email as many times as they would like to update the Guest List in Ivy. Here’s how:

When each guest checks in:

  1. Open the guest profile in Choice Advantage

  2. Ask the guest for their mobile phone number

  3. Save the mobile phone number in the ‘Vehicle_ID’ or ‘Guest_ID’ field (whichever is not already being used but this must be consistent across all guests!)

  4. Click ‘Save As’

  5. Repeat for each guest

Sending the Guest List to Ivy:

  1. Each property will receive a reminder email to send in the Guest List Report at 7pm - simply reply to this email to check your guests into Ivy! (make sure to not alter the subject line)

  2. Open Choice Advantage

  3. Click on the ‘Reports’ tab

  4. Select ID Report (located at the bottom of the front desk reports)

  5. Enter the date range ‘today’ to ‘today’ 

  6. Check the ‘In-house’ box

  7. Check the ‘Export as .CSV’ box

  8. Click ‘Submit’

  9. Name the file and save it to your desktop (or wherever you can easily retrieve it from)

  10. Attach this file to the reminder email and send!

Ivy will automatically check your guests in, send a welcome message, and check them out on their check out date!

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