A red notification will be displayed next to any guest name on the Guest List when there is an unresolved guest request that requires staff attention.

Guests names will be moved to the top of the Guest List and display a red notification next to their name anytime there is a new guest request.

  • Note - Notifications can be found in the Guest List on any of the staff console tabs: Checked In, Scheduled, Unverified, and Checked Out. The Priority Bell is the recommended notification center for all incoming guest requests as it displays a prioritized list of recent guest requests and will direct you to whichever tab the guest is located inside the staff console.

  • Note - If a different guest Sorting or Filtering option is selected on the Guest List, the guest name will not be moved to the top of the Guest List for new incoming requests.

If the notification next to the guest name does not disappear after resolving the request, please refresh your web browser or see Notifications Persist After Message is Resolved.

If you have not found the information you’re looking for here, please reach out to an Ivy Live Support agent for further assistance!

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