For every incoming guest request that requires staff attention, staff will be alerted and directed to the guests’ conversation.

  • Navigate to the new guest request by selecting the alert from the BELL ICON notification center in the top right hand corner of the console. 

  • Select the ACTIONS BUTTON located underneath the guest request (guest requests that created alert will be indicated by red background).  


  • Assigning the message will allow you to assign the guest request to another team member. Resolving the message will allow you to write an internal note and respond to the guest request yourself

To Resolve This Message yourself:

  • Select RESOLVE THIS MESSAGE from the ACTIONS BUTTON dropdown.

  • Best Practices Tip! If you are not able to respond immediately, assign the message to yourself so that your other team members know that you are on top of it!

  • Write an internal note that describes how the message is being resolved (example - provided local area restaurant recommendations).

  • Note - this is an internal note only and will not be sent to the guest.

  • The message will now return to a blue background and the alerts will disappear, however you still need to send a reply to the guest.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the appropriate message template or type out a customized response to the guest.

  • Select the PAPER AIRPLANE BUTTON on to the right of the message to send the reply to the guest.

Verify that the message has been sent successfully by checking the green Delivered note located under the message in the conversation dialogue.

To Assign This Message:

  1. Any new guest request/message will include a red alert next to their name as well as show up in the bell icon on the upper right hand side as a new alert and labeled UNASSIGNED.

  2. To assign (claim) a message, click on the bell icon to see which messages are labeled UNASSIGNED. See image below: 

3. Click on the blue ACTIONS button or the ACCEPT button. Click on ASSIGN this Message to assign the message to yourself (claiming) or to another person.

Best Practice: You will only assign messages to yourself. If a message belongs to another department, you will leave it to them to claim their own requests. General rule of thumb:

  • Housekeeping will claim all housekeeping and engineering related requests.

  • Front desk will claim all other requests. 

4. After clicking  ASSIGN THIS MESSAGE, you will see the following screen

5. Under ‘Assign to’ click on the field labeled ‘No One’ and a list of available users will be provided in the drop down menu.  *The list of users are alphabetized for your convenience. 

6. Select the user you wish to assign the message to. Input information regarding the request/concern so he/she can review it upon acceptance.

7. Once you've completed the form click the green 'ASSIGN' button

After clicking the green ASSIGN button, you should see that the user you selected (or you) has been assigned this message: ASSIGNED TO JANE DOE or ASSIGNED TO YOU and the message turns to the color YELLOW. See image below: 

To Accept an Assignment:

  • Click the link in the email you received, or navigate to the guest request in the staff console.

  • From the ACTIONS BUTTON dropdown, select ACCEPT ASSIGNMENT.

  • Select the appropriate message template or type out a customized response to the guest.

Select the ACCEPT BUTTON and the bottom right corner and verify your message has been delivered by checking that there is a green Delivered note underneath the message in the staff console.

  • Select the ACTIONS BUTTON and select RESOLVE THIS MESSAGE to complete the assignment. 

  • Write and internal note about how the message was resolved and select RESOLVE to complete the assignment. The message should return to a blue background and all notifications should disappear.

If you have not found the information you’re looking for here, please reach out to an Ivy Live Support agent for further assistance!

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