If your hotel has a Property Management System (PMS) that integrates with Ivy, you shouldn’t need to manually check guests in or out. However, the option is there for any guests not included in your PMS who would like to text with Ivy.

Checking guests in

Click on the Add Guest button near the top of the Navigation Bar on the far left side of the screen.

Fill out the information pertaining the guest’s stay in the pop-up dialogue box. You’ll want to include the guest’s name, mobile phone number, room number, and the dates and length of their stay.

Click OK to add the guest to Ivy. You can chat with guests by choosing the “Checked In” option in the Inbox Views dropdown menu. 

Checking guests out

Open the Chat Pane for the guest you wish to check out. Click on the THREE DOTS SETTINGS MENU in the Guest Information Toolbar at the top right corner of the screen.

Select the Check Out option at the top of the menu.

Confirm that you do, indeed, want to check out the guest by clicking OK in the pop-up menu. The guest should now be checked out, which you can confirm by looking in the “Checked Out” option in the Inbox Views dropdown menu. 

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