The Ivy Staff Console includes a number of features that allow you to connect with guests, track your analytics, and optimize your staff’s performance.

Depending on which Property Management System (PMS) your hotel uses, you’ll rely on some features more often than others.

In the Staff Console, you can:

  1. Check guests in and out of Ivy manually.

  2. Edit a guest’s visit.

  3. Copy/paste a unique URL link that can be shared with your team or the Go Moment staff when referencing a specific conversation.

  4. Write internal notes to keep your team in the loop and remind them of important info.

  5. Browse guest profiles, which include the guest’s contact details, previous visits, conversation timelines, and internal notes.

  6. Tag guests to keep track of groups or specific guests staying at your hotel. You can also easily send group messages.

  7. Sort and Filter the guest list to identify guests you’re trying to locate.

  8. See guests through their lifecycle: Checked In, Scheduled, Unverified, and Checked Out

  9. Send and receive messages to and from guests

Your team will have access to both the Staff Dashboard and the Staff Console. To navigate between the two, click either the Dashboard icon for the Staff Dashboard or the Chat icon for the Staff Console.

Here’s the difference between the two:

The Staff Dashboard displays all hotels that a given user has access to. You can also adjust hotel setup information cin this section.

The Staff Console displays a given hotel’s guests’ and guest conversations.

If you’re finding the info you’re looking for here, check out our support articles, which include step-by-step instructions. You can also reach out to an Ivy Live Support agent for further assistance at any time!

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