What every hotel front desk staff should know!

Ask every guest for their mobile number at check in.

  • Ivy can’t text anyone if she does not have a valid mobile phone number to reach!

  • “Hi there, welcome to the hotel. Here is all your check in information. By the way you have access to our hotel’s virtual text concierge Ivy - what is the best mobile number to reach you at?”

Reply even when you can’t resolve the issue right away.

  • Sending an immediate reply informs your guest that their request has been received

  • “Hi, Mr Jones, this is Patricia at the front desk, I received your request and am working on it now.”

Resolve requests in 10 minutes or less.

  • This notifies other team members that the issue is in good hands.

  • Only resolve if the issue or request has resulted in a happy outcome.

Reply to complaints immediately.

  • Ivy’s job is to help identify unhappy guests. When she does, reply immediately!

  • “Hi Mr. Jones This is Patricia at the front desk, how can I improve your stay?”

Brag that you’re text friendly! 

  • "Our hotel offers a virtual guest concierge, Ivy! You can make housekeeping requests, ask about local information, or provide us feedback. What's the mobile phone number that Ivy can reach you at?"

  • "We can send you the wifi password over text, what is your cell phone so I can get this sent to you?"

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