Ivy isn't just about commuting with your guests - Now, agents and managers have the ability to communicate internally on a one to one or a group basis, all under one view in your Ivy Portal. Forget about walkie-talkies and picking up the phone, Ivy Chat will help streamline tasks and internal discussions.


Adding a New User

  • A person must be added into your Ivy instance and have Manager access to be able to chat with other teammates.

  • Navigate to the Setup Wizard view and select the "Team" view

  • Add new manager or agent where they will automatically be added to the chat and identified by their initials (first and last)

Opening Staff Chat

  • Navigate to the chat console

  • The collapsed Staff Chat will appear on the right hand side of the console

  • If the Staff Chat bar does not appear by default, navigate to the menu and select "Staff Chat"

Messaging a Team Member:

Messaging a Team Member

  • Click on a team member’s icon to start messaging

  • Type message in the input bar at the bottom of the chat window

  • Press the “face” button to select emojis

  • Press the “send” button to send message

Creating a Group Chat

  • Press the create group button

  • Enter the group name

  • Select the participants

  • Press “Ok”

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