The Analytics Overview page offers a birds-eye view of your Ivy universe. On this page, you can quickly find the answers to questions like: what kinds of things are my guests asking about? How quickly is my staff answering questions? How much does Ivy’s AI automate?

The metrics shown in the Analytics Overview page also show combined data from all of your Go Moment products, including smartconcierge, webchat and enterprise packages. While most of our products do include their own analytics page, the Analytics Overview section offers a one-stop look at the performance of your entire product suite.

Accessing and Using the Analytics Overview

To access the Analytics Overview, you’ll first want to log into Ivy, and navigate to the main dashboard. From there, you can either click the Analytics button on the lefthand rail, or you can click the Analytics button associated with a specific property.

Be sure that the Analytics Overview tab is selected up at the top of page:

If you have access to multiple properties with Ivy, you can select one or more properties using the Current Metrics for: field.

By default, the Analytics Overview page will show you data from the last 30 days. However, you can change that to a shorter or longer date range using the DateRange field in the Filters toolbar. You can also choose whether the data is aggregated (lumped together) on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

What’s in the Analytics Overview?

The Analytics Overview page contains some charts and metrics that are located in other sections of our analytics suite, as well as some new goodies. Here’s what to expect from top to bottom:

Ivy vs Staff Message Resolution: Contrasts the number of message resolutions by Ivy versus the number of resolutions by the hotel staff on a daily basis. You want to see as many as possible of both kinds of resolutions!

Unique Guests: Counts the number of unique guests who have been entered into your Ivy. Unique guests are defined by phone number, which each individual phone number in our system corresponding to one unique guest.

Guest Messages: The total number of inbound messages from guests during the selected date range.

Average Staff Resolution Time (Min): When Ivy’s AI cannot answer a guest message on its own, it requires the staff to respond to the guest and click the Resolve button beneath the guest message. This metric tracks how long on average it takes from the time a guest message is received to when a staff member clicks the Resolve button. To create the best guest experience possible, we’d recommend trying to stay within 3 to 5 minutes.

Guest Engagement: Tracks the percentage of guests who interact with Ivy at some point during their stay after they’ve received the Welcome message. The higher the better!

Guest Rating: If your property uses a mid-stay survey message, this counter will track your average guest rating. Think of this number as the Ivy version of a TripAdvisor review!

Guest Engagement Timeline: This chart tracks the number of messages sent to each unique guest and the number of responses from each unique guest on a daily basis. This chart can help you to track the performance of your campaigns and the see if there are certain days of the week that your guests are more likely to engage with Ivy.

Top Smart Responses: Displays the top 10 most used smart responses at your property.

Top Messages AI Intent Categories: Whenever a guest sends a message to Ivy, our AI reads and categorizes the message based on what topic the guest is asking about. These topics are called “intents”. This chart displays the intents that guests most frequently about at your property, giving you insight into the kinds of questions and requests that your guests care about most.

Staff Message Resolution Time: This chart is broken out by individual staff member and tracks the length of time it took for each person to resolve messages. Messages are then sorted into four categories: unresolved messages, <3 minute resolutions (short), 4 to 7 minute resolutions (medium), and 7+ minute resolutions (long). You want to see as many <3 minute resolutions as possible for each staff member!

Ivy Automation Rate: Displays the percentage of automated messages vs manual messages as compared to the total number of outbound messages. The higher the better!

Guest Survey Ratings: A pie chart showing the breakdown of guest ratings of your property. These are numerical from 1 to 5.

Message Status: Tracks the number of outbound messages that were successfully delivered to guests, as well as the number that failed to reach guests. For those that were unable to send successfully, this chart shows exactly why and how often they failed.

Staff Logins: Shows the name, number of log-ins, and last signed in date for each staff member.

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