Each property using Ivy is afforded a specific number of smart responses, which is listed in your contract with Go Moment.

In most cases, the number of smart responses defined in the contract will be more than enough to cover anything and everything your guests may want to talk about. However, they are occasionally situations when you'll wish to create a new response, but doing so will put you over the limit.

Here's what to do when you run into that issue:


If there are smart responses you currently are not using, you may wish to consider disabling them. Disabled smart responses do not count towards your total, so disabling a few responses may be all it takes to get back under the limit.

To disable a smart response, please navigate to the Setup Wizard by clicking the Setup button the Ivy dashboard:

Click on the Messages tab using the navigation bar at the top of the page, then select the Smart Responses section:

Finally, use the Enable toggles on the righthand side of the page to activate or deactivate smart responses.


If you don't wish to deactivate any of your current smart responses but still need to add a new response, please reach out to your Customer Success representative for assistance by emailing: customersuccess@gomoment.com. Our Customer Success team would be happy to discuss upgrading your plan to include more smart responses.

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