One of the most important steps of using Ivy Pay is creating a payment request — after all, this is when you'll choose what items to charge the guest for, and how they'll be paying!

To create a payment request, open the Ivy chat window, and select the guest who you'd like to send a payment request to. Then, click on the $ in the message composer box:

Clicking this icon will open the Payment Requests modal (pop-up), which looks like this:

The Payment Requests modal displays a lot of information, including (from top-to-bottom):

  • Customer name

  • Room name

  • List of items that the customer is purchasing

  • Descriptions and quantity for each item

  • Price per unit and total price for all quantities of an item

  • The tax rate for each item

  • Options to delete and add new items

  • The subtotal (cost of the items on their own)

  • Sales Tax (varies depending on your region)

  • Service Fee

  • Total costs, which is calculated as: Subtotal + Sales Tax + Service Fee


Adding and Removing Items

To add a new item, click on the blue "+ Add Item" link.

Selecting this option will add a new row, where you can choose a new item from the dropdown menu.

To delete an item, click on the "X" icon on the right-hand side of the modal:

Please note that you must include at least one item in order to send a payment request. If you'd like to delete the payment request entirely, click on the "Cancel" option in the bottom left corner.


Selecting an Item and Changing the Quantity

Selecting the item you'd like to charge the guest for is simple! All you'll need to do is open the dropdown menu in the "Item" column, then make your selection. You can also type the item name or category that you are looking for to narrow down your search.

If you're not seeing the option you're looking for, please select "Other." This will create a new field where you can type in the name of the item the guest wishes to purchase:

Also, please note that if you add more than a few items, you will need to scroll up and down to see all the items.

To change the Quantity, simply type a new value into the "QTY" field adjacent to the item in question. This should update the "AMOUNT" column and total charges accordingly.

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