Managers now have more control over Ivy’s messaging. You no longer have to ask your CSM to make updates to your smart response copy, and can now make them on the fly!

Smart responses and Campaigns are messages that are automatically sent by Ivy, usually in response to a question from a guest. For example, if the guest asks “What is the Wifi password?” Ivy might answer “The password is ‘hotel123.’” No need for your staff to get involved!

Smart responses are designed to automatically provide guests with the answers to commonly asked questions and requests, freeing up time for your staff to handle the harder, more sensitive issues.

To access, Click the 3 dot menu in your Ivy Chat Portal, and select “Setup”

Click on the “Messages'' Option. Here, you will see the property’s Campaigns, Smart Responses, Templates and Message Throttling. You will able be able to edit or enable / disable existing messages. In order to add a smart response, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

To edit a Campaign, click the pencil under EDIT. Note that any changes made will reflect in the messaging going forward and is not retroactive.

Here, you can select the campaign type, set it as active in inactive, update the outbound message, add in any variables in the drop down, and set the schedule for when the message should be sent. Once finished, click "Update Campaign"

To edit a Smart Responses and Templates, add a topic and the outbound message. It is encouraged to keep the message under 160 characters

To enable or disable a Campaign, Smart Response or Template, simply click the toggle once. This will deactivate any message, where you can enable or disable without loosing your message.

Message Throttling will impact how long it takes Ivy to send a message. If your property experiences a lot of guests, with multiple campaigns and group messages being sent out, it is encouraged to add a 1-2 second delay after each message to reach as many guests as possible, in the quickest amount of time.

If you would like to add a Smart Response, please reach out to a member of the Go Moment team by clicking the Ivy logo in the bottom left side of the screen.

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