Escalation Notifications are sent via email and text message when a message has been unresolved for “x” minutes. These messages are for hotel managers only, but can be customized for agents as well.

Escalations are programmed differently at each hotel. The following are common ways to utilize Escalations:

  1. After 5 mins a text message is sent to the Front Desk Manager on Duty phone.

  2. After 10 mins a text message is sent to the Front Desk Supervisor

  3. After 20 mins a text message is sent to the General Manager

Email and SMS text notifications and escalation alerts for new guest requests can be sent to users immediately, or based on a preset time parameter (ex - 10 minutes after message is received and has not yet been responded to)

Email and SMS text alerts can be customized by:

  • Timing of alert

  • Users who receive alerts

To access Notification Settings: Click the 3 dot menu in your Ivy Chat Portal, and select “Setup”

Select "Team" and then the pencil under NOTIFICATION SETTINGS

Here, you can change / add when an email or SMS notification will send to this staff member. Select "UPDATE SETTINGS" when complete.

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