Managing your team is quick and easy! Managers have special powers the ability to add and remove existing users, as well as edit the access permissions of all team members. All users can edit their username, password, mobile phone number too.

Click the links below to for step by step instructions on how to:

  1. Adding and removing a user to your team

  2. Edit an existing user’s access permissions

  3. Edit Escalation Notifications

To Access the Manager Portal, Click the 3 dot menu in your Ivy Chat Portal, and select “Setup”

Once you are in the Setup Wizard, select "Team"

To Add a User:

Select the blue + circle in the bottom left hand of the page:

Here, you can invite any members of your team with their detailed information.

  1. Enter the NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and MOBILE PHONE NUMBER for the new user you wish to add in the appropriate fields.

  2. If the new user will not receive escalation alerts by text, you can enter a randomly selected (555) area code phone number to bypass the error message.

  3. Select the Manager box if the new user will require manager level access (Add, edit, and remove new users as well as setup Message Templates).

  4. Select SAVE.

To remove an existing user, select the X and then select CONFIRM.

To edit an existing user’s access permissions, select the drop down menu with "Agent" or "Manager".

To edit Escalation Notifications, select the pencil under NOTIFICATION SETTINGS

Here, you can change / add when an email or SMS notification will send to this staff member. Select "UPDATE SETTINGS" when complete.

To edit your own personal information, navigate to the left hand rail under "profile"

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