The Property Details can be found in The Setup Wizard that allows managers to have more control over property details.

To access Property Details:

Click the 3 dot menu in your Ivy Chat Portal, and select “Setup”

Here, you will be able to see your Ivy number, timezone, if your instance is active or not and the ability to chat us directly.

Basic Information will show you your property's name, dedicated SMS number, Time zone, Check in and out time.

Time Zone: This should reflect the zone you are in, so all time stamps and analytics reflects your zone. If it does not, select the drop down and change to the correct zone

Check-in and out time: This should reflect when you typically check your guests in and out of the property. You can change this by selecting the clock to the left of the time. If you make any changes, < >

Tripadvisor Details allows you to add your Tripadvisor page, which will be sent to guests when they leave you a positive rating.

You can also add your rank, competition size, total reviews and rating to reflect your start date to monitor progress over time.

Blackout Hours: Here, you will be able to select the window of time when Ivy is allowed to send campaigns to your guests. Campaigns include Welcome, Rating, Skipline, Checkout and any any pre-set scheduled message, automatically. As stated, campaigns scheduled outside the allowed hours will be rescheduled for delivery during the hours you set here. If a guest texts Ivy outside the allowed hours, Ivy will still respond. Per TCPA guidelines, we cannot send messages from 9 PM to 8 AM.

Simply slide the scale to the correct timeframe that you’d like:

When making any changes, make sure to select "Save" in the bottom left hand corner of the page.

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