The Setup Wizard is a feature that offers managers more control over Ivy, allowing them to make changes to everything from property details to message details to user settings.

This means you no longer have to ask your CSM to make updates to your smart response copy — you can now make them on the fly!

In the Setup Wizard, you will be able to access the following:

  1. Property Details

  2. Managing your Team

  3. Updating Smart Responses, Campaigns and Templates

  4. Integration Settings

To access the Setup Wizard, please click the 3 dot menu in the Ivy Chat Portal, then select “Setup:”

Once the Wizard has loaded, you'll have access to a variety of settings, each stored within one of the navigation tabs at the top. Options include:

  1. Property Details

  2. Team

  3. Messages

  4. Integration


In this tab, you can update the top-level information related to your property. The fields include the following.

The Basic Information section displays your property's name, dedicated SMS number, Time zone, and check-in/out times.

Time Zone: This should reflect the zone you are located in to ensure that all timestamps, scheduled messages, and analytics are appropriately timed.

Check-in and -out time: These fields should reflect the time you begin checking people in for the day, as well as the time you stop checking people out. You can change this by selecting the clock icon.

Tripadvisor Details allows you to add your Tripadvisor page (or another reviews website), which will be sent to guests when they leave you a positive rating within Ivy.

You can also add your rank, competition size, total reviews, and rating from when you first launched Ivy. By including these details, you can track exactly how large of an impact Ivy has had on your online reviews.

Hours of Operation: Here, you will be able to select the window of time when Ivy is allowed to send campaigns to your guests. Campaigns include Welcome, Rating, Skipline, Checkout, and any other scheduled messages.

Campaigns scheduled outside the allowed hours will be rescheduled for delivery during the hours you set here. For example, if a guest checks in at 4am, but the hours of operation don't begin until 8am, the guest will not receive their Welcome message until 8am.

If a guest texts Ivy outside the allowed hours, Ivy will still respond with a smart response, as well as allow agents to write manual responses. The hours of operation slider only affects Campaigns.

Per TCPA guidelines, we cannot send scheduled messages from 9 PM to 8 AM. Simply slide the scale to the correct timeframe that you’d like:

When making any changes, make sure to select "Save" in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.


As a Manager, you have the ability to:

  1. Add a new user to your team

  2. Remove an existing user

  3. Edit an existing user’s access permissions

  4. Edit Escalation Notifications

All users can edit their username, password, and mobile phone number in the Profile settings, but only Managers can update their Role (Manager or Agent), as well as their Notification settings:

To Add a User:

Select the blue + circle in the bottom left hand of the page:

Here, you can invite any members of your team with their detailed information.

  1. Enter the NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, and MOBILE PHONE NUMBER for the new user you wish to add.

  2. Please note that only the name and email address fields are required, though the other fields are encouraged.

  3. Use the Role dropdown menu to select the Manager box if the new user will require manager-level access to Ivy. Choose Agent otherwise.

  4. Select "Send Invite" to generate an email that invites the guest to join Ivy.

To remove an existing user, select the X and then select CONFIRM.

To edit an existing user’s access permissions, click on the Role drop-down menu and choose either "Agent" or "Manager."

To edit Escalation Notifications, select the pencil under NOTIFICATION SETTINGS

Here, you can change / add when an email or SMS notification will send to this staff member. Select "UPDATE SETTINGS" when complete.

To edit your own personal information, navigate to the left hand rail under "profile"


In the Messages section of the Setup Wizard, you'll find your property's Campaigns, Smart Responses, Templates and Message Throttling options. You can edit or enable/disable existing messages, as well as add new templates. In order to add a smart response or campaign, reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

To edit a Campaign, click the edit icon (a pencil) adjacent to the message you wish to adjust. Note that any changes made will reflect in the messaging going forward and is not retroactive.

Clicking the edit icon opens a pop-up menu, where you can select the campaign type, set it as active or inactive, update the message copy, and set the schedule for when the message should be sent. Once finished, click "Update Campaign"

You can edit Smart Responses and Templates in a similar manner, by clicking on the edit pencil icon next to their message. This opens a pop-up window, where you can add a topic and the outbound message. It is encouraged to keep the message under 160 characters.

To enable or disable a Campaign, Smart Response or Template, simply click the toggle. This will deactivate any message, allowing you to prevent it from sending to your guests but without deleting it entirely.

Message Throttling will impact how long it takes Ivy to send a message. If your property experiences a lot of guests, and each guest receives multiple campaigns and/or group messages, it is encouraged to add a 1-2 second delay. This ensures that each message reaches as many guests as quickly as possible.


In the Integration tab, you can view your property management system and the statuses mapped to property PMS.

Please note that the status fields must be spelled and formatted identically to your PMS. For example, a guest who is invalid may have a status of "CANCELLED" or "NOSHOW". If you need assistance with this, please contact your CSM.

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