If you have lots of guests checked into Ivy, it can sometimes be difficult to locate a specific conversation or to determine which conversations you're handling and which are your teammate's responsibility. That's why we created the Inbox view.

The Inbox view automatically groups together all of the guest conversations that you have either participated in or been assigned to. This makes it easy to follow-up with guests and identify which conversations need attention.

You can access the Inbox view by opening the drop-down menu just beneath the name of your property, and selecting "Inbox."

In the Inbox view, you will only be able to see conversations with unresolved messages that you've either participated in previously or had assigned to you by a teammate.

For example, if you manually send a message to a guest, and they respond, the conversation will automatically appear in your Inbox.

If you come across an unresolved message in another conversation and click the "Accept" button, you will be assigned to that conversation. Any future messages in that thread will appear in your Inbox view.

You can also add messages to your teammate's Inboxes by clicking the "Assign to Teammate" button.

When a new message comes into your Inbox, it will trigger a notification both within the Inbox and on the page indicating the guest's status (Checked In, Checked Out, Unverified, etc). 

When you've resolved a message in your Inbox, the conversation will disappear from the Inbox until a new message appears (the conversation is still available in the Checked In, Checked Out, Scheduled or Unverified tabs).

By doing your best to clear out the Inbox view, you will ensure that you are properly following up on guest conversations, as well as provide better service to the guest by having a single agent handle the entire conversation.

If you have any questions about Inbox view or assigning conversations to yourself and your teammates, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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