While using Ivy, you're likely to get requests from guests related to housekeeping, F&B or maintenance. If your property uses HotSOS to manage these types of requests, you can easily create a new HotSOS ticket without having to leave Ivy.

When a guest sends an inquiry that Ivy cannot provide an automated answer for, the message will show up as unresolved, and several buttons will appear beneath the message.

Answer the guest's message, then click on the Ticket button to open a pop-up menu that allows you to create a HotSOS ticket.

In order to submit the ticket to HotSOS, you must fill out the Name and Room Number fields, as indicated by the asterisks. Luckily, Ivy automatically fills this data in when available.

In the Notes field, you can leave a quick message for your team describing the issue. By default, this field is populated with the guest's message, as it usually does a good job of describing their request.

If your property uses HotSOS's priority feature to determine how urgent a ticket is, you can use the Priority dropdown menu to select the appropriate option.

Finally, you'll want to categorize the ticket using the Issue Name dropdown menu, which will make sure the ticket is routed to the appropriate person at your property. 

Note that the available Issue Names will not automatically update in Ivy if you add new categories in HotSOS. Please contact Go Moment if you'd like to make any updates to this list. 

Lastly, click on the Submit button, and Ivy will automatically create a new ticket in HotSOS!


If you have any questions or would like some assistance with HotSOS ticketing, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

If you use HotSOS at your hotel and would like to integrate it with Ivy, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for further discussion about this add-on feature.

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