1. When a message is assigned to you, there will be a label beneath the message stating this:

Messages are only assigned to Managers for escalation or if something mistakenly belongs to another department. You can easily click on the (i) icon to view the message history and see why any given message was assigned to you. 

  1. Click on the blue ACTIONS button or the ACCEPT button, depending on what screen size you’re on. Click on ‘Accept assignment’ to accept the message being assigned to you

  1. After clicking on Accept assignment, you will need to send an acknowledgment text to the guest. Select the template that is most appropriate to the situation or type in your own custom message

Message templates allow for quick acknowledgment of the guest request/concern while working on other various requests.

Additionally, your team members are aware you are working on it and the guest knows someone will be with them shortly. 

  1. Once you’ve selected your desired template or added your custom message, click on ACCEPT ASSIGNMENT.

  1. After clicking the green ACCEPT button, you should see that the message has been sent to the guest and the status is updated as ACCEPTED BY YOU.


As a user in Ivy, you are able to take the following actions on any given message: 

  1. Assign 

  2. Accept

  3. Resolve

See below how the functionality works for all three options: 

How to Resolve Messages Efficiently

Resolving messages are simple. Users can resolve messages without internal notes(and just pressing enter). To resolve messages the quickest way, follow these instructions: 

  1. Click the Resolve button 

  2. Hit “ENTER” on your keyboard

  3. The message will mark itself resolved without the requirement of leaving an internal note. 

See short video below: 

Resolving, Assigning, and Accepting on Mobile Devices

Message actions are displayed as dropdowns and once clicking ACTIONS, the option “Accept,” “Assign,” and “Resolve” are selectable. See short video below. 

Resolving Quickly on Mobile

While working in mobile, you may also want the flexibility to close out messages qucikly. Simply follow these instructions to quickly resolve a new message: 

  1. Select “Actions”

  2. Select “Resolve this Message” 

  3. Select “Confirm” 

  4. Message will be closed and you will not have to leave any internal notes. 

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