Listed below are the answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about Ivy.

HOW CAN I ADD A NEW USER? - I want to add a new person to Ivy.

If you are a manager, you can add new users from the Dashboard. Start by opening the Manage dropdown menu and selecting Users.


You will be redirected to a new page, where you can add new users or change the settings for an existing user. When adding a new user, please include the following information: 

  1. Name

  2. Email

  3. Cell phone number

  4. Whether or not you want the new user to have Manager access

  5. Whether or not you want the new user to receive notifications for unresolved messages.

If you are not a manager and would like to add a new user, please submit a ticket, and a Go Moment team member will assist you with your needs.


HOW DO I EDIT EMAIL OR TEXT ALERTS? - How to edit timing or add new email or text alerts

All updates to email and text messages — including the alert timing or changes to which users receive a message — must be completed by Go Moment staff.

If you currently receive text message alerts on your personal cell phone and would like to stop receiving these alerts, you can change the mobile phone number associated with your account.

Please reach out to an Ivy Live Support agent to request changes to the wording of your alerts by clicking the Ivy button in the bottom left side of the Staff Console.


HOW CAN I STOP RECEIVING TEXT ALERTS? - How to stop receiving text message alerts

To stop receiving text message alerts, you can change the mobile phone number associated with your account!

If you currently receive text alerts on your personal cell phone, it’s because your correct mobile phone number is associated with your account. You can change the mobile phone number with a (555) area code — these numbers are unable to receive SMS texts.

  • To change the mobile phone number associated with your account, select the Settings icon in the Navigation bar on the left.

  • Click on your email address or user initials in the green circle to open the SETTINGS MENU

  • Click SETTINGS 

  • Enter a randomly generated 555 area code phone number. If the number is already taken, try again.

  • Click SAVE to update


HOW CAN WE TELL IF A NUMBER CANNOT RECEIVE TEXTS? - Did my guest receive my text message?

If Ivy attempts to send a text to an invalid, the message will show you an “undelivered” alert. It may also include an error number or a URL for more information.


HOW CAN I GET MORE GUESTS TO PARTICIPATE? - How can I market Ivy to my guests?

When interactive with a guest for the first time, you might try referring to Ivy as a “service line” that they can use to easily reach you if they need anything. 

You can also create in-room materials, such as business cards or brochures. You can also post signage at the front desk or around your property. If you’d like any help raising awareness of Ivy, a Go Moment team member is more than happy to assist.


HOW DO I UNSUBSCRIBE OR OPT OUT A GUEST? - How to Unsubscribe, opt out, or have guest stop receiving texts

The guest themselves are able to opt-out of receiving messages from Ivy by replying with either:

  • STOP


This will ensure that their mobile phone number will block any additional messages coming from the phone number for Ivy.

Should you not want to ask the guest to reply, you can also remove their visit in Ivy. This will delete them from the system and remove any message history, though it may result in messages from your PMS. To ensure that guests do not receive further messages, please delete their mobile phone number (or enter a 555 before the number) in your PMS.

To REMOVE a guests’ visit:

  • Select which guest you’d like to remove.

  • Open the TRIPLE DOT ICON menu on the top right of the chat menu.

  • Select remove visit on the pop up window


WHAT IS A GUEST CHECKS OUT EARLY? - I don't want my guests receiving texts if they left early.

Select the guest from the guest list, and open the THREE DOT MENU in the top right side of the screen. Select the “Check Out” option.  


Please note that this process only applies to early or late check-outs. Ivy will automatically check-out any guests who leave on time.



I SEE THERE IS A SECTION FOR TEXT TEMPLATES, HOW CAN I ADD ONE? - How can I add in a new message or create a template?

If you find yourself frequently typing out the same message over and over, you can save time by creating a template. To do so, open the Dashboard, click the Manage button, and select the Templates option.

Click on the NEW TEMPLATE button at the top of the screen to create a template. You’ll need to create a name and some content. There are also variables that you can use to personalize the message, such as the guest’s first name or their check-out date. 

Make sure to click the SAVE button when you’re finished.

IS THERE A LIMIT TO AUTOMATED RESPONSES? - How many automated messages am I able to send?

The number of automated responses allowed per account depends on the agreement made between Go Moment and your property. If you’d like to add more automated responses, please get in touch with us using the Ivy button in the bottom left side of the screen. 

CAN I CHANGE IVY MESSAGE COPIES? - How to change the copy of Ivy's messages

Any wording updates to either automated or scheduled messages must be completed by Go Moment staff.

Please open reach out to an Ivy Live Support agent to request changes to all message copies using the Ivy button in the bottom left side of the screen.



Ivy is able to text any guest with a valid mobile phone number that is able to receive SMS text messages, so international guests can text with Ivy too!

If the guest has an international phone number, check the guest in with the number according to the following formula

  • +(country code)(local phone number)

  • If the number has a leading zero, remove the zero (Example: 090-5643-3854 would be entered into Ivy as +81-90-5643-3854 where 81 is the country code and the leading zero has been removed)


WHY WON'T MY NOTIFICATIONS GO AWAY AFTER A MESSAGE IS RESOLVED? - How to get rid of notifications that won't go away after message is resolved

After a message has been resolved, all notifications should disappear. 

The Priority Bell Icon is the main notification center that will determine whether or not there are any unresolved messages. 


If the Priority Bell Icon has an outstanding notification, click it to open the dropdown menu, then select the guest’s name to be taken directly to the conversation. (Please note that guests can also text Ivy after check out, so you might not see their name and notification on the Checked In Tab.)

If the Priority Bell is not present, but notifications still persist, please try the following:

  • Refresh your web browser

  • Clear your browser cache (Note - Various computers and browsers have different methods of clearing cache. Find out how to clear your browser cache here!).

  • Select the guest name that still has an outstanding notification and click the EDIT VISIT BUTTON.

  • Click SAVE without editing any guest visit information.

If you have not found the information you’re looking for here, feel free to reach out to an Ivy Live Support agent at any time!

WHY AREN'T MESSAGES SENDING TO MY GUESTS? - Explanation of why messages aren't sending to guests

Underneath each message is a notification that displays the status of the given message. The available statuses are:

  • Scheduled: The message has been scheduled to be sent at a later time. You can also see the date and time that the message is scheduled to be sent.

  • Queued: Indicates the request to send a message was successful and that the message is queued to be sent out. This will be displayed when there are more than one message being sent at the same time (for example, during group messaging).

  • Sending: The message is in the process of dispatching to the SMS network.

  • Sent: The message has been accepted by the SMS network and delivery is in progress.

  • Delivered: The message has been successfully sent to the guest. 

  • Undelivered: The message has not been delivered to the guest. This might be due to a number of reasons, including an invalid mobile number or lack of cell signal.

  • Message Delivery Failed: The guest has previously texted STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or END, indicating they do not wish to receive messages from Ivy. The guest can re-subscribe by replying with START, YES, or UNSTOP.

Ivy will also automatically prevent messages from being sent to a guest if she thinks it may cause a negative experience. For example, she’ll stop texting a guest if she thinks they are receiving too many messages or if it’s late at night.

In these cases, you will see the error message displayed beneath the message that is being blocked from being sent.

If you’re experiencing any issues at all regarding messages not properly sending to guests, or if you simply have some questions, please reach out to an Ivy Live Support agent for further assistance!


WHY DIDN'T IVY RESPOND TO A GUEST RATING? - Explanation of no response to rating with added content

Ivy is trained to only respond to guest sentiment replies that include a limited amount of additional context.

This helps to avoid Ivy from auto replying to a misinterpreted response or guest sentiment rating that also includes a service request such as “Everything is great, 1 extra pillow please” or “Terrible, there are 4 children running down the hallways!”

We suggest setting up a message template with the same copy as the smart response so that staff can easily insert the reply in these situations.



WHAT ARE RECOVERY OPPORTUNITIES ON THE ANALYTICS PAGE? - How can I use the recovery opportunities report?

Recovery opportunities indicates the number of guests who have given a 1, 2 or 3 rating in the survey they received (which asks them to rate their experience out of 5). 

This metric offers an opportunity to recover the situation with the guest while they’re still at the property. This is a good way to stay ahead of the problem before they leave an external review.


IVY SEEMS TO BE OFFLINE - Ivy appears to not be working, if offline, or the server is down

There are a few reasons why Ivy may appear to be offline:

 1. A slow internet connection can make Ivy appear to be offline:

  • Check the Ivy server runtime status to see if it is an issue with Ivy: 

  • Check your local internet speed

 2. The Property Management System (PMS) integration has been disabled or guest count appears low:

  • For hotels using supported Property Management Systems with supported integrations and no guests checked into Ivy, please refer to the individual PMS articles (such as Opera or Choice Advantage)

  • Should guest count appear to be low but is greater than 0, keep in mind that only guests with valid mobile phone numbers are checked into Ivy. It’s very important that staff collects a valid mobile phone number when the guest checks in.

WHAT ARE SOME WAYS I CAN GET MORE OUT OF THE IVY PROGRAM? - Some best practices our most successful hotels use

  1. Make sure you get up-to-date mobile phone numbers from guests when they check in.

  2. Chat with your guests via the texting platform in a timely manner.

  3. Consider using your name when texting with guests to create a more human connection.

  4. Let the guests know at check-in that they can interact with you by text if they would like to.

HOW DO I SEND A MESSAGE TO A GUEST IN-HOUSE? - How can I communicate with my guests via text?

Open the guest’s profile by clicking on their name in the guest list. Enter your desired message in the chat box at the bottom of the page, then click “Send”.


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