Add Hotel Details 

In this section you can add your TripAdvisor information, address, and other details that personalize your hotel settings. 

Add A User 

Adding a user is simple, just fill in the blank fields to invite a user and select SEND AN INVITATION to complete. Keep in mind, all users must confirm their account before gaining access. Click here to learn more about confirming your account in the Confirm Account section. 

**If you do not want to add a mobile number for alerts, you can leave that field blank.

You can also edit existing users, see below: 

  • Select the RED “X” button to delete users
  • Select roles by clicking MANAGER or AGENT. It will highlight and ask you to confirm when the role assignment is complete. 
  • To change passwords - users will have to login and change it in the Settings. Go to this section to see how to Update Passwords: Click here. 
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