Bell alerts are convenient audio and visual alerts in the Staff Console. The PRIORITY BELL ICON is the recommended notification center for all incoming requests. When a new message comes into Ivy (you must be logged in), a concierge bell will sound off, so be sure to turn on your speakers to hear it. Further, Ivy will sort the outstanding requests by order they were received, with oldest message at the bottom of the list. Follow these instructions to access your message: 


  1. Click on the bell 

  2. Select a guest name to be redirected to the guests’ conversation to resolve and respond to the message that triggered an alert. (Tip: Select the last guest to serve the one who has been waiting the longest first).

  3. Resolve as required 

  4. Go back to the bell and pick the next guest at the bottom of the list and repeat until the bell is cleared. 

Pro Tips:

  • The bell icon also plays a bell sound when alerts come in, so turn your computer’s speakers and make sure the volume is up!

  • The bell icon is only present where there is an outstanding notification. 

If you have not found the information you’re looking for here, please reach out to an Ivy Live Support agent for further assistance!

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