Let’s take a deeper look at how the guest information is detailed and how guest feedback is organized by color and rank. Each guest label will have a color coded icon with their rating or initials. Further it contains the following information.

Location of Guest Names

Guest Name

Room #, check-in date - check-out date

Hover Over Guest Initials Icon for More Information 

Further, you can hover your mouse over any circle icon with Guest initials and the name and room number will appear. See image below:

Rating Definitions & Colors

  • Green - “5” Rating and will say “5” in the icon.

  • Orange - “4” Rating and will say “4” in the icon.

  • Red - “1-3” Rating and will say “1, 2, or 3” in the icon.

  • Blue - No Rating, but the guest sent in a text message (guest initials in icon)

  • Gray - Guest has not engaged with Ivy. (guest initials in icon)

Below we will review what each tab means: Checked In, Scheduled, Unverified, and Checked Out.  

Guest Tags 

Tagging guests are a great feature for tagging rewards memberships, wedding groups, special events, etc. For example, if you’d like to send a special message to all your guests who are a Platinum Rewards members, you can be sure that you create a tag and associate all guests to the Platinum tag for easy guest messaging. Follow the directions below to tag a guest as a Platinum Reward Member:

  1. Click on the field that says TAG GUEST under the guest name in conversation pane. Type the name of the tag you’d like to use and then select ADD TAG to add it to your database. See image below: 

2. After you save the tag, it will appear as a drop down item when you click on the TAG GUEST field.  See image below: 

3. To learn how to send a group message to guests belonging to your new Tag group, go to the Group Messaging section. 

Guest Profiles

  1. To view more detailed information about the guest, either during or after their stay you can access additional information via the Guest Profile. 

  2. In order to access the profile, locate the guest’s initials on the left column of the Staff Console. 

  3. Click on the circle containing the guest's initials to view their profile. 

4. After clicking on the guest's initials, you will be brought to their profile page:

Every profile contains 4 tabs providing additional information about the guest. 

  1. About: Summary and Contact Information

  2. Visits: Current, Upcoming and Past Visits

  3. Timeline: Message history for each visit, listed in chronological order

  4. Notes: History of notes input by staff

Let’s explore them in the next section. 


The ABOUT tab contains guest's contact information and summary, shown below.


The VISITS tab contains the guest’s Current, Upcoming, or Past visit along with the hotel name and dates of stay.


The TIMELINE tab contains the guest's message history for each visit. The message history is listed in chronological order. Each message displays a status: Incoming, outgoing, delivered, scheduled etc.


The notes tab contains any notes that were left for this guest.



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