This is the LIGHT GREEN section in the upper right hand corner within the MAGENTA section in the image below.

Each Guest conversation has a toolbar above the conversation pane. In order of appearance, the options are as follows:  


You can add helpful notes about the guest here. “Jane loves wine.” Follow the instructions below: 

  1. You can input notes about a guest from the staff console by clicking on the “Add Note” icon located inside the conversation panel. 

This can be found on the top right corner of the conversation screen. 

Hint: If you hover your mouse over the icons, a help tip will appear and tell you what each icon means.

  1. Type your note in the field that says “A note about the guest.” Once complete, click “ADD NOTE” in order to save. 


This option rarely used and is only used for non-integrated (PMS) hotels that want to check-out a guest immediately. IMPORTANT: This option MUST NOT be used for hotels that are integrated by their PMS, as this will only check the guest out and your PMS will check them back in, which may result in spamming them with an unwanted welcome message. 


This allows you to edit the guest details: room, name, length of stay. Only used by non-integrated (PMS) hotels, as most PMS integrated hotels will automatically update this information if the information is updated in the PMS. Follow these instructions below: 

  1. You can view guest details and edit them as necessary by clicking on the pencil icon. 

NOTE: You never have to edit guest details. Your PMS updates Ivy every 30 mins. 

  1. You will then be taken to this page with all guest contact information.

When you click this link icon, it will refresh the page and populate a customized url in your browser so you can copy and paste it in email, etc for easy access by other users or for reference later. 

Internal Messages

This allows you to hide and unhide the text and email notification alerts. This is a great tool for if you want to know if someone was notified of an unresolved message past 10 minutes. 

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