Ivy is divided into four main inbox views.  You will always be directed to the CHECKED IN tab first because this is where you’ll find your current in-house guests. But there are other inbox views, as well. 

1. Checked in

  1. By clicking the “CHECKED IN”  tab, you will gain access to all registered, in-house guests checked into Ivy. 

  2. This is the primary tab where you will continuously monitor guest conversations, service request and/or engage in guest recovery. 

2. Scheduled

  1. By clicking on the “SCHEDULED” tab, you will have access to all next day reservations.

  2. Example use for SCHEDULED: 

  3. VIP Pre-Arrival: Contacting a guest regarding Dinner, Show and/or Limo Reservations 

  4. Small Group and Conventions: Providing the Registration Desk location and/or any changes to their itinerary

3. Unverified

  1. By clicking on the “UNVERIFIED” tab you will view conversations with guests who have not been registered with your PMS and/or manually checked into Ivy.  

  2. Example of how this occurs:

  3. A guest provides Ivy’s texting number to someone else who is NOT REGISTERED in your PMS or Ivy. 

4. Checked Out

  1. By clicking the “CHECKED OUT” tab, you can view all past guest history (conversations, sentiment, requests, etc).

  2. This is great tool if you need to look up a conversation from a past visit. By having access to past conversations, you can review and audit, as necessary. As well as, anticipate the guests needs for future stays.

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