ORANGE SQUARE (Top navigation bar) |  The three dots in the upper right hand corner will give you access to the following options. 

Staff Console 

If ever you are on another page, you can always click the three dots to get back to the Console which is where your guest inbox view resides. 

Check-in a New Guest

Your guests will automatically get checked into Ivy via your PMS System. You will never have to check in a guest manually, unless you’d like to extend texting to another guest who is not registered to the room via your PMS. If you are a non-integrated (PMS) property or would like to check in a guest manually, please follow the instructions below: 

  1. From the staff console, click the three vertical dots at the top right and click on “Check In”

  2. Enter the guest's mobile number

3. Click the blue 'SAVE' button to proceed.
4. Next, fill in the remaining guest information and click “SAVE”. The guest will now be added to your “Checked In” tab. 


This is an option that allows you to have your guests check themselves in prior to arrival. To start this program it’s easy. Follow these instructions: 

  1. Click on SELF CHECK-IN  

2. Copy and paste the url in the browser into your HTML Pre-Arrival Email, along with some engaging copy that encourages guests to register for texting.


Example Copy for your Pre-Arrival Emails:

“FREE UPGRADE to Express Mobile Check-in. Register now and let us know what time you’ll arrive and get access to transportation, special amenities, and more!, click here” 

If the guest clicks the link, they will be directed to the website, as shown in the below image. 

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